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Design Wishlist  

Since 2018, there has been over 120 modifications to the design code.  The following list highlights all of the key changes.

General Fixes  
Item Status
New Membership Layout Clashes with Header Navigation Menu Completed
Update "Search" Options In Progress
Update "Media Viewer" Not Completed
Update "Download" Capabilities Not Completed

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VIP Program  
Item Status
Launch Program Completed
Accept Payments Completed
Header Changes  
Item Status
Site Logo Changes via CP instead of PHP "override" Completed
Navigation "tab" Updates via CP instead of PHP "override" Completed
Sub-Menu Access in Top Navigation Menu Area Completed
Shrink Header Completed
Update Header with Member Options Completed
Add "Site Search" to Header Completed
Design Mega Menu CSS Code to change colors based on the theme used In Progress
Sticky Header Not Competed
Header Theme Change Possible Not Competed
Develop Menu System That Doesn't Use a WP Plugin Not Competed
Footer Changes  
Item Status
Add "Mobile Site" Link for mobile devices that don't automatically switch Completed
Footer Theme Change Possible Not Competed
Remove RSS Links Cancelled
Item Status
Update Sidebars for VIP Program Use In Progress
Login / Logout  
Item Status
Add Falcon logo to Login Page Completed
Direct Logged In Users to Home Page rather than Admin CP In Progress
Error Messages & Reporting  
Item Status
Code 404: Page Not Found Completed
Blog Posts  
Item Status
Expanded Header Completed
Output Categories Completed
Output Author Completed
Link Post Title to Actual Post (replacing "Permalink") Completed
Show Post "Tags" when viewing post Completed
Rename "Edit This" to "Edit Post/Page" (link based on content being viewed) Completed
"Remove Post/Page" Link Added for Necessary Staff Members Completed
"Edit This" Link Added for Necessary Staff Members Depreciated
"Permalink" Link Added for Easier Sharing Depreciated
Comment/Like/Share Depreciated
Item Status
Layout Improvements Completed
Display a Comment Counter Completed
Replace "0 Comments" with "No Comments" Completed
Comment via Facebook or Twitter Removed
Falcon Live  
Item Status
Launch Falcon Live Completed
Update Twitch with new layout Completed
Program News Updates into Falcon Live page Completed
Enhance Falcon Live with use of Mixer over Twitch Depreciated
Update Mixer with new layout Depreciated
Integrate Mixer into Discord Depreciated
Update YouTube with new layout Cancelled
Integrate Twitch into Discord Cancelled
Integrate YouTube into Discord Cancelled
Team Falcon Social  
Item Status
BuddyPress Completed
PeepSo Cancelled
Team Falcon Forum  
Item Status
Update Sidebar to include Forum Navigation Not Completed
bbCode Forums Cancelled
Other Bonuses  
Item Status
Clean up CSS coding by removing unused code Not Completed
Add new CSS code to improve site layout Not Completed
Site-Wide Web Based Notifications Completed
Modified config.php File Completed
Site Themes Completed
Instant Redirects (301) Completed
Transparency Updates to Logo Completed
Achievements Completed
Relaunch The Xbox Universe Completed
Rounded Edges in Post/Navigation boxes Completed
Falcon Gaming Not Completed
Falcon Shop Cancelled
Program Discord into Team Falcon Removed (Temporarily)
Private Messaging Removed
August 2020