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Discord Returns No Comments   
Written by Falcon on 5/22/2020 at 8:48pm in Announcements

So, while our Discord server has been active still, we haven’t been “advertising” it.  We wanted to somehow integrate Discord into Team Falcon a little better than what it was, however it’s a little more difficult than we had planned.  For now, we are just giving you a direct link into our server, but we want to eventually have the ability to give you guys special Discord-only rooms for being a VIP member.  We’re not taking away anything, we’re offering more.

So, what’s the difference?  Well, on the website, we have Team Falcon VIP, and on Discord, we have Falcon+.  We assure you that Falcon+ is not changing or going away.  Access to Falcon+ is currently only given if you are a subscriber to our official Mixer channel, and we want to integrate Falcon+ into our VIP plan to enhance our ability to give you more live chat rooms.  Keep in mind, you need to have a Discord membership (which is 100% free) if you want to participate in our live text/voice/video chat rooms.  Further integration that we will eventually have include achievements (which we can also do manually) and synced user groups, but that’s just the beginning!

Come have some fun on Discord!

July 2020