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Falcon 3.0 No Comments   
Written by Falcon on 3/5/2020 at 7:48pm in Announcements

Ladies & Gentlemen,
It is my honor and privilege to announce Team Falcon 3.0.  While version 2.5 was just released 2 months ago, we ran into some issues behind the scenes that caused our entire network to go down unexpectedly.  Some of the problems from before the site going down still linger, but we consider it beneficial in a sense.

So, what happened?  Well, we were running into a problem that was disabling the ability to edit files from within the WordPress CP, and thinking it was a programming error, we had the intention to reset everything and upload things back to the way they were.  However, we didn’t realize that we were very limited on SQL servers and ended up losing everything (including user accounts) when we unintentionally deleted the one that we needed.  At the same time, we were (intentionally) in the process of removing our beta site and combining the services of the boss’s blog (Joe’s World) and incorporating the features we want to test there instead.

What’s new with Falcon 3?

  • Social Network
    With influence from The Xbox Universe, we are introducing a new social network that’s actually powered inside Team Falcon and integrates our network even more than ever before!  Connect with your friends, make new friends, and do things that we thought that would never happen here!  We’re still working on ironing out the kinks, but everything is looking amazing at this point!  Get more information from our official post!
  • Header*
    Our header has been completely redesigned for Falcon 3, removing one of the original features of the design and moving on to something entirely new to match our new social presence area when you’re signed in to your account.  The new menus allow for the most expandability and cleanliness in the design.  A detailed blog entry on this change is coming soon.
  • Comments/Reactions
    Our comments area got a HUGE upgrade that further integrates into our new exclusive social network.  Every comment made to our posts will also be reflected on that author’s site blog (look here for an example).  Same with reactions to the posts.  And, we have one of the most requested Facebook reactions, too … Dislike!
  • Falcon Live
    With the help of our newly updated header, our Falcon Live service has received a major update to better accommodate all of our video services (Twitch, Mixer, YouTube), and also has more room for future developments.
  • Team Falcon Mobile
    Viewing the Team Falcon sites are easier than ever with the rollout of the all-new Mobile theme!  Check out Team Falcon on your phone or tablet today!
  • Team Falcon VIP
    The second biggest change to the site is our VIP improvements.  First, VIP members will have a new header that says Team Falcon VIP instead of Team Falcon.  This will signal that your VIP membership is active.  Team Falcon VIP was formerly known as Falcon Live VIP and exclusively a part of our Discord server.  To better suit our services, the VIP portion of our Discord server is now known as Team Falcon+.  Team Falcon+ is just Discord and will remain free.  But, for $2 a month (or $20 a year), you can get some pretty cool perks!  From a nifty exclusive badge to some premium features in our social networking area!  Don’t worry, basic things will remain free.

* The site header is the biggest feature of Falcon 3.  Not all of our sites will be receiving all of Falcon 3’s features right out of the gate.  While you may be seeing a site with Falcon 3 installed, there is some coding that has to be done in the back end.

July 2020