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Falcon 4 Changelog
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[Sticky] Falcon 4 Changelog  

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The following updates are for the entire Falcon 4 theme system.  As new updates for Falcon 4.x are available, a new topic will be made highlighting the changes, and those changes will also be reflected on this entire list until Falcon 4 is retired at an undetermined period of time.  Falcon 4's key features include:

  • Network/Design Improvements
  • Improved "Dark Mode"
  • Themes
  • Cosmetic Enhancements
  • Less File Management (continued from 3.0)
  • Updated File System

  • Network Bug Fixes, New Features & Other Changes
    • Service Updates
      • Bug Fixes
      • Navigation Updates for Authors, Editors or Contributors who subscribe to Team Falcon VIP
      • "Edit This" updated to "Edit Post" or "Edit Page" depending on what you're looking at
      • New Commenting system to allow full markup, emojis, attachments, and more!
      • RSS Feed links return to Site Footer, can be disabled in new System Configuration1 menu
      • Theme's version number has been moved to a new location in the footer
      • System Configuration menu updated for added support to change RSS links to a 3rd party provider (i.e. Google FeedBurner).  If no custom link is present, programming will default to original RSS links.
      • User & Theme information moved to new header location
      • Search box moved to header to add more functionality sitewide
    • General Changes
      • If no comments are available on a post, you will now see "No Comments" rather than "0 Comments"
      • Direct post links are now tied into post titles rather than a separate "Permalink" link
      • Theme selector menu updated to prepare for future development
    • New Features
      • Shrunk header, modernized it with new features
      • Comments box now removed if disabled on a post
      • Built-In Theme Support
      • Post tags can now be used for even easier searching for a specific post
      • Rounded edges in navigation & news story boxes
      • System Configuration1
      • Users who have permission to post stories on our websites now have the option to choose how they wish to display their name (First & Last Name, Nickname or just continue to use their site's username).  Before, they were limited to just their username due to the limited programming of our network and social networking options.
      • "Remove Post" / "Remove Page" links added
  • Team Falcon
    • Service Updates
      • BuddyPress Theme Enhancements to remove blank "Posted By" and Date/Time line
      • Post authors now link to their new BuddyPress social network profile
      • Header updated to also reflect on whether you're using Light or Dark mode, despite being able to see the theme you're looking at.  This was mainly added to help identify for testing purposes, but it's also a great "space filler".
      • Desktop & Mobile Site Notifications
      • Falcon Live widget placed in Network header to show current Live status, regardless of the page you're currently viewing.
      • Team Falcon's Gaming project relaunched
    • New Themes (Light)
      • Earth (formerly Light)
      • Fire
    • New Themes (Dark)
      • Earth
    • Known Issues
      • Potential Text Discoloration with Themes
  • Falcon Live
    • Service Updates
      • Streams will strictly be hosted by Twitch effective June 23, 2020
      • Streams will be powered by Streamlabs OBS
      • Donations will be maintained by Streamlabs rather than PayPal
      • Mixer removed as services will be discontinued as of July 22, 2020
      • Facebook Gaming will replace YouTube
      • News updates now 100% synced with Team Falcon's front page news
    • New Features
      • Facebook Gaming
  • Joe's World
    • Service Updates
      • Improved news delivery
  • The Xbox Universe
    • New Features
      • Dark Mode "2.0"

1 In a basic text box format at this time.  A new menu system will be programmed at a later date.

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