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Falcon 3 Changelog
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[Closed] Falcon 3 Changelog  

Illustrious Member Admin

The following updates are for the entire Falcon 3 theme system.  As new updates for Falcon 3.x are available, a new topic will be made highlighting the changes, and those changes will also be reflected on this entire list until Falcon 3 is retired at an undetermined period of time.  Falcon 3's key features include:

  • Network/Design Improvements
  • Less File Management
  • Better Automation
  • Social Network Enhancements
  • Paid Subscriber Features

  • Network Bug Fixes, New Features & Other Information
    • Service Updates
      • Network/Design Improvements
      • Miscellaneous bug fixes
      • Preparation for further theme development
    • General Changes
    • New Features
      • Menu System Improved for Future Development
      • Better mobile device support introduced (domain only, no app)
      • Dark Mode 1.0
      • Website Forums
      • Website Achievements
      • Comments box now removed if disabled on a post
      • Shrunk header, modernized it with new features
      • Post tags can now be used for even easier searching for a specific post
      • Rounded edges in navigation & news story boxes
    • Known Issues
      • None
  • Team Falcon
    • Service Updates
      • Beta site discontinued
      • Post authors now link to their social network profile
    • New Features
      • Forum shortcuts programmed into news stories
      • External website shortcuts programmed into news stories
    • VIP
      • Falcon Live VIP renamed Team Falcon VIP
      • Header updated to reflect changes
      • Accepting payments for use of the service
      • New Perks
    • Social
      • Mighty Networks social network discontinued
      • New integrated service launched with basic features
      • Commenting on site posts now within social profiles
      • React on posts in many different ways (Like, Dislike, Sad, Angry, etc.)
    • Discord
      • Integration & widgets temporarily removed as we continue to find ways to improve the service
      • Discord “VIP” program renamed to Falcon+ due to feature conflict
    • Falcon Live
      • Falcon Live 3.0 officially launches

More information is right here.

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Posted : 15/04/2020 7:59 pm