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Falcon 2 Changelog
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[Closed] Falcon 2 Changelog  

Illustrious Member Admin
  • Network Bug Fixes, New Features & Other Information
    • Service Updates
      • Miscellaneous bug fixes
      • Programming Enhancements
  • Joe’s World
    • Service Updates
      • Miscellaneous bug fixes
      • Services from Joe’s World renamed to reflect the launch of Team Falcon
      • Professional services moved to Team Falcon as Joe’s World will focus more on the personal aspect
      • Design improvements to prepare for future enhancements
  • Team Falcon
    • New Features
      • Service Launched
      • Blog Post “Info” Boxes extended to display post date & time
      • “Edit This” link added for necessary staff members
      • “Permalink” link added to easily share our news stories outside of the site
      • Social Network Introduced (Mighty Networks)
      • Falcon Gaming
      • Team Falcon Shop
      • Falcon Live VIP
      • Team Falcon Beta site available for the public to see early works before we put it on the main site
      • Post authors now link to their social network profile
    • Service Updates
      • Further Discord Integration
      • Miscellaneous bug fixes
      • Falcon Gaming removed in favor of The Xbox Universe1
      • Team Falcon Shop removed in favor of CafePress1
      • Number of comments shown for each post (replacing Comment/Like/Post link)
  • Falcon Live
    • New Features
      • Service Launched
      • Version 2.0 to prioritize Mixer use over Twitch, layout slightly modified
  • Discord
    • New Features
      • Service Launched
  • The Xbox Universe
    • New Features
      • Website Launched

1 Launching at a later date

Posted : 16/05/2020 7:00 pm