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What is Team Falcon?
Team Falcon is generally a gaming community, with other miscellaneous things like social networking, live videos and more.

What is Team Falcon’s official affiliation with Rewind Hosting?
Team Falcon is owned by one of the owners of Rewind Hosting.

What is Team Falcon’s official affiliation with The Xbox Universe?
The Xbox Universe & Team Falcon are both maintained by the same person.

Is Team Falcon free to use?
Absolutely! We do have paid perks that are counted as monthly donations to improve our services for you guys.

How do I sign up?
Easy! Just follow this link!

How do I comment on a post?
Each news story shown on the front page gives you the option to comment on it. On the top right corner of each story, you'll see a Comments link. Click that, and you'll be taken to the comment form for that specific news story!

Can I make a news story?
Unfortunately, no. We do not allow our members (both Regular & VIP) to make news stories. If we did, our site would be completely flooded with spam, redundant and multiple articles of the same exact thing from 9 different perspectives.
Team Falcon Social Return to Top 
What is Team Falcon Social?
Team Falcon Social is a social "experiment" created to give you guys even more ways to communicate, share and discuss things!

What makes Team Falcon Social different from Facebook?
For one, we're not Facebook and we're not affiliated in any way with Facebook. We don't have ads, we don't have games. However, we do have our own perks for you guys!

Why should I use Team Falcon Social?
Well, you don't have to use Team Falcon Social, but we think you would have a lot of fun with all the cool stuff that you can do now and hopefully enjoy some of the even cooler stuff we have planned in the future!

Is Team Falcon Social included in my free Membership?
Absolutely! We don't charge for our social features by any means! If you're a VIP member, though ... you get a pretty nifty badge!

Are there any paid features in Team Falcon Social?
Absolutely not.

I commented on a staff member’s news story, not their social post. Why is my comment there?
Our staff have "blogs". Team Falcon is the place that our staff share their blogs about everything going on in the world. From gaming, to tech news and so much more. You're essentially commenting on their blog entry as well.

Is there a “Dislike” button?
When Facebook expanded their "Like" button to do more than just "like" something, the one thing that everybody wanted was a "Dislike" button and nothing else. Well, with Team Falcon Social, we did that on top of adding other reactions as well!
Falcon Live Return to Top 
What is Falcon Live?

Why aren’t you using the layout provided by Mixer, Twitch or YouTube?

How do I access the official Team Falcon Mixer, Twitch or YouTube profile from inside Falcon Live?

This is boring, I have a lot of these games. What can I do to help make things better?

Can I get my stream hosted on Falcon Live when you’re not streaming?

You mentioned Embers on your Mixer stream. What are they for?

You mentioned Bits on your Twitch stream. What are they for?
Team Falcon VIP Return to Top 
What is Team Falcon VIP?
VIP is short for "Very Important Person". We wanted to add something to Team Falcon that basically says "thank you for your support in keeping our services alive". We don't show ads and we don't have bonus content for paying members. We don't believe in treating someone different because they can't afford it.

How much does Team Falcon VIP cost?
We don't have any perks available at this moment, but that doesn't mean this won't change in the future. But, keeping our servers online does cost money, and with your help, we're doing just that. For just $2 per month, it's something that helps. If you'd rather pay yearly, we have that option, too! In fact, as an added bonus, you save $4 by doing just that!

No ads? Sweet! So, what am I paying for?
You're helping us keep our servers online and you're helping us pay for new perks to give to you guys in (both) Team Falcon Social & Falcon Live.

Can I just donate money to you occasionally?
Absolutely! We'll easily take donations if you'd rather do it that way. And if you'd rather pay more than $20 at a time, that's entirely your call. There's no limit how little or how much you want to pay us in donations. Just keep in mind of the fees presented by PayPal.
Team Falcon Discord / Team Falcon+ Return to Top 
What is Team Falcon Discord?
The Team Falcon Discord is an alternative way to communicate with other members of the Team Falcon community.

What is Team Falcon+?
Team Falcon+ was created to offer bonuses for people who subscribe to Falcon Live via Mixer. This service includes bonus rooms not available to standard Discord members.

Is the Team Falcon Discord free to use?
Yes. Discord does offer some extra perks (called Discord Nitro). This subscription service is not part of Team Falcon. We will not receive any commission for your Discord Nitro membership.

How do I get Team Falcon+?
To get Team Falcon+, you must subscribe to one of our supported Falcon Live channels (right now, that's limited to our Mixer broadcasts).

I see you have a section for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and PC. What are they for?
We have gaming areas for our fans, and we felt it was necessary to separate each console maker into their own group.

What are Discord Captains? Can I be a captain?
There are 4 Discord Captain spots (1 for each gaming console). As long as there is an empty spot for the console group you are interested in, please feel free to apply! Go to our Discord channel for all the information as everything is subject to change.

I pay for Team Falcon VIP, why is my account limited in the Discord channel?
Team Falcon VIP is not part of Discord Nitro. Your VIP membership is collected by Team Falcon only.

Can I get Team Falcon+ without joining through Mixer?
At this time, no.

I’m following you on Mixer, why am I not a member of Team Falcon+?
If you're not getting access to Team Falcon+, there's a possibility that you didn't connect your Discord account to your Mixer profile. If this is an error, please contact @thefalcon2k#4366 via Discord. Your information must be verified for it to be fixed.
Network Partners Return to Top 
I’m a member of The Xbox Universe, why can’t I login here?
Team Falcon is controlled by the same people as The Xbox Universe, however they are on separate networks. At this time, we do not have multi-network accounts. If you wish to participate in the discussions at The Xbox Universe, you must create a new user account there.