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TF Social Launched No Comments   
Written by Falcon on 3/3/2020 at 9:50pm in Announcements > Social Network

When we first started Team Falcon Social, we were hosting it through a website called Mighty Networks, and there was a lot of innovation behind it.  However, there were some limitations that allowed us to do things entirely our way without paying a monthly fee for it.  While the Team Falcon staff stand behind the support of other businesses (like Mighty Networks), we were continuing to find other ways to fully integrate the social aspect of things into the website.  And today, that’s exactly what happened!

Along with a majority of the features from Mighty Networks, there’s even more that can be done and we’re not having to pay monthly fees, but yearly fees for what we want!  Throughout the year, Team Falcon Social is gonna get new enhancements, new features, and have some things integrated with Team Falcon VIP.  No, we’re not gonna charge for our social features … that’s just stupid!  The only integration we’re talking about is that our VIP members will get a special badge next to their name on their profile as a “thank you” for your support to our group!  Other things to look forward to soon include:

  • Groups: Public, private, whatever! D&D, Warcraft, Xbox … you name it, you have fun with it! Tons of features will be at your disposal!
  • Polls: Do you want to make lasagna or spaghetti? Can’t decide? Get your friends to do it for you!
  • Chat*: Instant chat is always nice, right?  Whether it’s a chat between you and a friend or with a group of people, the possibilities are endless!
  • Friends: Of course you want to make friends on Team Falcon Social!  Whether they’re longtime friends, or people you just met through this awesome community!
  • Photos: Did you take some awesome photos during your vacation?  Share them with your friends on Team Falcon in an album or in a live chat!
  • Audio/Video: Just like pictures, you can share audio & video the same exact way!

* When Team Falcon Social gets the new chat feature, the current Team Falcon Messaging feature will be removed as our new chat feature will do everything that the current messaging feature can do … and then some.


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