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About Team Falcon

Since 2007, this design has been in the care of Joe Rider.  Joe has maintained this design with many different (failed) projects:

  • Small Town Entertainment
  • Unforgiven Studios
  • Breeze Entertainment

Breeze Entertainment was the start of something unique, from blogcasting to exclusive message boards.  When the SQL programming changed in 2008, it completely destroyed the programming for the entire site, which ended the run for the design.  Joe kept it in his library for many years in hopes that it could be revived at some point.  In 2018, that dream became a reality when research was done to implement the design into the WordPress blog system.  While most themes are either free or pay-to-use, the Falcon design will not be in either of those categories and will remain exclusive to the Falcon brand.  Some of the blogcasts can still be found on Joe’s personal blog.

Team Falcon is what launched Joe’s idea, and the WordPress design was just the beginning.  Team Falcon expanded into Xbox Live, merchandising and web partnerships.  By the 4th quarter of 2019, Team Falcon launched a partnership with a colleague that he shared another website with in 2012 through 2015.  In 2020, Team Falcon is officially partnered with Rewind Hosting and breathing new life into an old website called The Xbox Universe.  With a mutual agreement, The Xbox Universe is technically owned by Rewind Hosting, but is free to use the Falcon-branded WordPress theme with “creative freedom”.  The creative freedom perk was something I added since I was asked to “head” the design on top of being named Chief Design Officer of The Xbox Universe’s website.  Joe is also co-owner of Rewind Hosting’s network.