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Written by Falcon on 7/1/2020 at 1:38am in Announcements > Falcon Live

As we start into July, there have been many changes have been coming through the entire Team Falcon Network as of late, and we are already starting to roll out Falcon v4.1 with some interesting changes.  From Mixer closing its doors in late July to network/family changes happening in August, to tonight … Finally, our news stories in relation to Falcon Live have received yet another huge upgrade today!  As of this moment, any new post related to Falcon Live will be posted to our front page (with the other announcements and whatnot), and will simultaneously be posted on our main Falcon Live page.  This includes the ability to comment on any post.  Unlike our main page, you will only see the first 5 stories when looking on the Falcon Live page.  For the full archive, you can click here.  For our staff, you will be able to easily Edit or Delete any post on the Falcon Live page as well.  This huge upgrade to the channel will assist in saving time for editing and allow for post archives at the same time!

With this new change, it further influences our decision to relaunch Falcon Gaming with the following bullet points:

  • All Falcon Gaming news will be shown on the front page as well as the Falcon Gaming page
  • Console specific news will be posted in 3 key areas:
    • Team Falcon Front Page
    • Falcon Gaming “Front” Page
    • That console’s news area

It may not be on day one, but we plan on having our gaming posts also feature links to their specific forum area.  Most of these changes can be seen in Team Falcon’s beta theme, but we assure you that Version 4.1 will be pushed out very soon.  More information about all changes are available in our Changelog.

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