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Update on Falcon Live No Comments   
Written by Falcon on 6/26/2020 at 11:10pm in Falcon Live

Hey guys, as you found out the other day, plenty of things are changing with Falcon Live! Including how our news is presented!  For the first time, we now have a WYSIWYG editor for our news postings!  We wanted to have some new integrations with Facebook, but the WordPress Plugins we wanted to use are not working the way we wanted.  So, we decided to find a way to improve this a little more!  There will also be some visual differences in the next couple days, and that’s not including yesterday’s surprising announcement of Mixer closing its doors as of July 22nd. On that subject, though … Facebook Gaming will be “taking the reigns” of Mixer, and that means that some huge changes are happening with Falcon Live.  Like what, though?

  1. Streamlabs has relaxed their profile page editing limitations and now allows customizations to profile pages.  Not 100%, but enough to now give us the ability to do what we want to do.
  2. Donations will be made within Streamlabs instead of PayPal.  Donations are still secured.
  3. Facebook Gaming will adopt what we currently have on YouTube, and YouTube will be removed from Falcon Live.
  4. Twitch archives will be uploaded to our new Facebook Gaming channel, and the Facebook Gaming label will be called Archives.
  5. If we’re not going live anytime soon, our “Live Next” box will be entirely gone.  We will turn it on within 72 hours (3 days) of our next broadcast, or you can check out our schedule on our Twitch Profile (coming soon).
  6. Our Live Stream page has been updated with a new Twitch Plugin to give further control of our streams and chat.  This also improved our layout even more!

Aside from the Falcon Live page, a new widget is being placed in the Team Falcon site header that will show you our current live status for Falcon Live as well, no matter what page you’re on!  When we’re live, you’ll know!

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