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Looking Ahead to Falcon 5 No Comments   
Written by Falcon on 6/15/2020 at 12:53am in Announcements

When we released Falcon 3 in March, we were already looking ahead to Falcon 4’s release in the future, little did we know that it would happen in just 3 months time.  I know, rather quick!  When we were planning for Falcon 4, we were using a plugin for Dark Mode before, then we saw another plugin where users can choose their theme.  So, we put our heads together and started developing themes for your viewing pleasure!  More will come in the future, too!  So, long story short, Falcon 4 focused on the start of themes.

Falcon 5’s plan?  We’re trying to step away from WordPress’s control panel and having full customization done through our site and theme.  This includes setting up the site and also different user preferences … both for our regular members, and some exclusive features for our VIP members!  The real fun is in the beginning where we start programming it, and the visual stuff won’t probably happen until at least August.  We will be working on some other things as well and we will be rolling out those features gradually.

Don’t forget, you can start seeing our early work with our Beta channel theme at any time!

June 2020